Disques Espérance (France)
№ ESP 165538


Side A

1. Isokolo (5:12).
2. Muka Mwa Sango (4:26).
3. Songa La Modi (3:50).

Side B

1. Ndom’A Mumi (5:45).
2. Su La Muna Sue (4:34).
3. Angele Na Bolea Ne (5:05).

«Isokolo», «Muka Mwa Sango» «Songa La Modi», «Ndom’A Mumi», «Su La Muna Sue» and «Angele Na Bolea» written by Toto Guillaume.

Toto Guillaume: guitar, vocals.
Manu Dibango: keyboards.
Claude Naimro: organ, clavinet.
Aladji Touré: bass.
Vicky Edimo: bass.
Ebeny Dihan: drums.
Brice Wouassi: drums.
Roger Kom: trombone.
Jerry Manga: trumpet.
Féfé Priso: alto saxophone.
André Belinga: tenor saxophone.
Cella Stella: back vocals.
Florence Obam: back vocals.
Ndedy Dibango: back vocals.
All tracks arranged by Toto Guillaume.
All tracks recorded at Studio Johanna and mixed at Studio Jean Jaurès.
Engineered by Didier, Gabriel Nahas, Pierre Joel, Thierry Roben.
Produced by Toto Guillaume.
Photo: J.M. Sosso Eyoum.
All tracks published by Disques Espérance / Sonodisc.
Distributed by Sonodisc Distribution.