Philips (France)
№ 536 339 2


1. Money B (4:08).
2. TV Set’s Still On (4:01).
3. By Your Side (4:01).
4. Control (4:42).
5. R.A.S. (4:41).
6. Sexy Groovy (1:45).
   Featuring Manu Dibango
7. X-trem (3:55).
8. Rappelez-moi Ces Temps (3:40).
9. Ma Planète Tourne Encore (4:15)
10. It’s Your Life (4:39).
   Featuring Font La Roy
11. Vibes And Vision (4:19).
   Featuring Davy Bergier and Djamel Ben Yelles
12. Maires De Tous Les Vices (12:37). *
   Featuring Moumen

«Money B», «TV Set’s Still On», «By Your Side», «R.A.S.», «X-trem», «Rappelez-moi Ces Temps», «Ma Planète Tourne Encore», «It’s Your Life», «Vibes And Vision» and «Maires De Tous Les Vices» written by Squeegee, «Sexy Groovy» by Squeegee and Manu Dibango.

* Real time: 4:57. Unknown track: from 7:01 to 12:37.

Florent Prabel: keyboards, vocals, back vocals.
Fabrice Guillaume: keyboards, vocals, back vocals.
Jean-Louis Tilburg: vocals, back vocals.
Milton Mac Alpine: vocals, back vocals.
DJ Far: scratches.
Manu Dibango: saxophone.
Fong Asa: vocals.
Font La Roy: vocals.
Moumen: vocals.
Davy Bergier: vocals.
Coker Laurel: vocals.
Djamel Ben Yelles: violin.
All tracks arranged by Squeegee.
Produced and recorded by Florent Prabel.
All tracks published by Mercury Records / Polygram.
Distributed by Mercury Records.