BUDA Records (France)
2 LP
№ 82427-1

Disc 1


Side A

1. Wema Africa (6:21).
2. Ouana Di Lambo (9:36).
3. Des Mots Et Des Gestes (5:40).

Side B

1. Pata Piya / Electric Africa (9:35).
2. Waka Juju (7:36).
3. Le Sud (5:50).

«Wema Africa», «Ouana Di Lambo» and «Waka Juju» written by Manu Dibango, «Des Mots Et Des Gestes» by Maxime Leforestier, «Pata Piya / Electric Africa» by Manu Dibango and Bill Laswell, «Le Sud» by Nino Ferrer.

Disc 2


Side C

1. Kango (19:10).

Side D

1. Soul Makossa Medley (19:35)
   Soul Makossa / Big Blow / Wema Africa

«Kango» and «Soul Makossa Medley (Soul Makossa / Big Blow / Wema Africa)» written by Manu Dibango.

Manu Dibango: saxophone, vocals.

Soul Makossa Gang:

Justin «Bowen» Tchounou: synthesizer.
Félix Sabal-Lecco: drums.
Jerry «Bokilo» Malékani: guitar.
Huges «Armand» Sabal-Lecco: bass.
Tholo «Peter» Seguna: trompet.
Emmanuelle «Mbombo» Naedy-Dibango: vocal.
Eric «Sango» Maiorino: guitar.

Maxime Leforestier: guitar, vocals.
N’Zongo Soul: vocals.
Zao: vocals.
Paul Personne: guitar.
Stéphanne Joly: vocals.
Florence Titty-Dimbeng Gnimagnon: vocals.
Soulemane Toure: talking drums.
Denis Hekimian: programming.
Recorded live at Francofolies, La Rochelle (July 12, 1988) by Philippe Davesne (console façade), Armand Combes (console retours), Regis Dallery (eclairages), Grégory Rapp (road) and Nicolas Boutin (backline, road scène).
André I. Gnimagnon: manager.
Sandrine Beresi: tour manager.
Olivier Jouan: agence.
Engineer: Philippe Omnes (Studio Mobile).
All tracks mixed at Studio Davout by Didier Lozahic and Patricia.
Gravure: Dyam.
Photos: Worms, Akwa Betote.
Artwork: Bruno Boussard.
Notes by Manu Dibango.
Produced by Dominique Buscail & François Dacla for Buda Musique.
All tracks published by Soul Makossa / Maxime Leforestier / Virgin / Chicago 2000 / RTL / Fantasia.