Frémeaux & Associés (France)
№ FA 523
Series: Notre Memoire Collective / La Librairie Sonore


1. Choc’N Soul (5:15). *
2. Reggae Makossa (6:34). *
3. Bushman Promenade (4:59). **
4. Mouna Pola (5:13). ***
5. Africa Boogie (4:15). ***
6. Douala Serenade (6:25). ***
7. Happy Feeling (6:22). *
8. Night Jet (6:42). *
9. Ça Va Chouia (5:54). *
10. Goro City (8:33). *
11. Waka Juju (4:47). ***
12. Minuit Au Circuit (1:20). ****

«Choc’N Soul», «Reggae Makossa», «Bushman Promenade», «Mouna Pola», «Africa Boogie», «Douala Serenade», «Happy Feeling», «Night Jet», «Ça Va Chouia», «Goro City», «Waka Juju» and «Minuit Au Circuit» written by Manu Dibango.

* From the album «Gone Clear».
** From the album «Afrijazzy».
*** From the album «Waka Juju».
**** From the album «Negropolitaines. Volume I».

Manu Dibango: tenor, baritone and soprano saxophones, marimba, vibrations, wind instruments, acoustic piano, DX7, vocals.
Robbie Shakespeare: bass.
Val Douglas: bass.
Michel Alibo: bass.
Geoffrey Chung: bass, guitar, keyboards.
Clyde Bullard: bass.
Armand Sabal-Leco: bass.
André Manga: bass.
Mikey «Mao» Chung: guitar.
Willie Lindo: guitar.
Wayne Arnold: guitar.
Emmanuel Guysso: guitar.
Pierre Tchakounte: guitar.
Vincent «Chlanga» Nguini: African guitar.
Jerry «Bokilo» Malekani: guitar, African guitar.
Ateba: percussions.
Jean-Marie Balangassa: percussions.
Paco Sery: drums, percussions.
Sly Dunbar: drums.
Brice Wouassi: drums, conga, percussions.
Jean-Pierre Coco: conga, percussions.
Wally Badarou: synthesizer.
Mickey «Boo» Richards: drums, congas, percussions.
Félix Sabal-Leco: drums, percussions.
«Sticky» Thompson: conga, percussions.
«Crucher» Bennet: conga, percussions.
Peter Ashbourne: keyboards.
Ansel Collins: keyboards.
Robbie Lyn: keyboards.
Justin Bowen: keyboards.
Clive «Azul» Hunt: keyboards.
Ray Lema: keyboards.
Jean-Claude Naimro: keyboards.
Randy Brecker: trumpet.
Jon Faddis: trumpet.
Mike Lawrence: trumpet.
Michaël Brecker: saxophone.
Lou Marini: saxophone.
Barry Rogers: trombone.
Er Byrne: trombone.
Peter Tholo Segona: trumpet.
Gwen Guthrie: vocals.
Ullanda McCullough: vocals.
Brenda White: vocals.
Yvonne Lewis: vocals.
Franck Floyd: vocals.
Jocelyn Brown: vocals.
Florence Titty Gnimagnon: back vocals.
Catherine Elolongué: back vocals.
«Poussy» Billé: back vocals.
Georgia Dibango: back vocals.
Ndédy Dibango: back vocals.
Charly Djengué: back vocals.
Guy Lobé: back vocals.
Francis Mbappé: back vocals.
Dikoto Mandengue: back vocals.
Catherine Eldongue Mbango: back vocals.
Elisabeth Manga: back vocals.
«Choc’N Soul», «Reggae Makossa», «Happy Feeling», «Night Jet», «Ça Va Chouia» and «Goro City» arranged by Paul Griffin and Manu Dibango, «Bushman Promenade», «Mouna Pola», «Africa Boogie», «Douala Serenade», «Waka Juju» and «Minuit Au Circuit» by Manu Dibango.
«Gone Clear» directed by Ray Jones, produced by Geoffrey Chung.
Recorded by Michael Riley, Noel Hearne, James Nichols, Stuart Henderson, Steven Stanley at Dynamic Sound Studios (Kingston, Jamaica) and Soundmixers (New York, USA).
Mixed at Basin Street Studios (London) and Compass Point Recording Studios (Nassau, Bahamas).
Coordination: Erskine Thompson.
«Afrijazzy» recorded and mixed by Gabriel «Sango» Nahas at Studio Marcadet.
«Waka Juju» recorded Gabriel «Sango» Nahas at Studio Davout and mixed at Studio Marcadet.
Produced by Giancarlo Cerri for CRC Production.
Directed by Manu Dibango.
«Negropolitaines. Volume I» recorded and mixed by Gabriel «Sango» Nahas at Studio Digital Service.
Produced by Manu Dibango for Soul Paris (Paris).
All tracks selected in 2010 by Manu Dibango for Le Groupe Frémeaux Colombini SAS.
Series conception: Patrick Frémeaux & Claude Colombini.
Collection directed by Benjamin Goldenstein.
Artwork original: pochette of «Gone Clear».
Caricature: Plantu.
Notes: Ed Makossa ma Ndjehoya, Patrick Frémeaux, Benjamin Goldenstein and Manu Dibango.
Mastering: Studio Art & Sons (Paris).
All tracks published by C.R.C. Records / Soul Makossa / Frémeaux & Associés / Éditions Chicago 2000 / Universal Publishing / Radiomusic / EMI Virgin.
Licensed by Soul Makossa / Manu Dibango for Groupe Frémeaux Colombini SAS.
Distributed by SOCADISC and Frémeaux & Associés.
CD with two red, black & white stickers: «Grand Prix De L’Académie Charles Cros De La Musique Et De La Parole Enregistrée / Grand Prix In Honorem A Frémeaux & Associés Pour La Défense Du Patrimoine Sonore» and «Notre Memoire Collective / Frémeaux & Associés / La Librairie Sonore».